The end

So they say this is the end my friend
And all they tell is you might still pretend
But you had all and you left home
You decided to go alone
And now they're sad but cold
They feel like bought and soled
They lived on- on their own
Believing you were gone.

Wish you were here

And I wake at night I can't find no sleep
And then I find that it's your face I always see
I do not no where you have gone and I feel lonely!

And I do not know when and I don't know how
I'll learn to live alone- you see:
And I wish you back to me!

Through all these years

Well I came to think about you yesterday
As I walked the streets of that old weary town
It is quite a while since we have met last time
And I see that I still have you on my mind

Une nuit a Paris

…Oui, une nuit a Paris ! Deux mille six,
Victor !- d' accord, allez !...

Du gehst nur so für dich die Straßen lang
Doch diese Stadt zieht dich sofort in ihren Bann
Ein Augenpaar das deines trifft
Ein Augenblick- du siehst zurück

Coming home

"Hola hombre, como estas?" "Muy bien!"
"A donde vas?" "Voy a la isla bonita; por
suerte finalmente vuelvo a casa, al sol y al
mar! Apenas he aguantado aqui!"
"Claro que si!- Claro...que lujo! Al sur al mar a
casa y con tu chica! Buen viaje!...Adios, adios."


Sommer im Garten, November im Herz
Neumond trotz Vollmond
Trauer und Schmerz
Bin unfroh wie selten, hilflos allein
Wortlos und tonlos, möchte einfach nur schreien