The end

So they say this is the end my friend
And all they tell is you might still pretend
But you had all and you left home
You decided to go alone
And now they're sad but cold
They feel like bought and soled
They lived on- on their own
Believing you were gone.

By the way the winter turned across
And all you say is you have found and lost
Your big seasons of great feelings
And the reason for cracked ceilings.

On and on you try to look quite tough
Although you feel the world is hard and rough
But she's no longer by your side
And you know that she was so right
And all your sorrow stays
It stays for days and days
The star shine has turned blue
And silently darkens you.

 As you walk into that rainy day
Your heart is drowned in teardrops mixed with rain
Now go tell them that you're sorry
You're lonely and you're worried
And ask them if you may
Just stay with them today.

Now go say how you miss her
Embrace and then just kiss her
Make clear that you did wrong
And beg her to hang on
And ask her: Baby say,
You'll never go away, not even for a day
'Cause I'm here with you to stay
For ever and a day